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Safety surfacing is an essential part of playgrounds. It ensures the safety of kids, adults, and even pets. Most injuries to kids are caused while playing. The impact of the injuries can be reduced if there is the presence of a proper protective layer. This safety surfacing is required at the hard surfaces as well as near the equipment of the playground. However, you need a reliable safety servicing expert. Daytona Beach Safety surfacing provides world-class safety surfacing services across the nation. Whether you’re in Oregon or in Texas or in any other state within the county, our professionals can help you out.

Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Safety Surfacing Services

What is safety surfacing?

The playground safety surfacing is applying efficient flooring materials that ensure the safety of all age groups in the playground. The fall on a hard surface such as packed earth, concrete, or blacktop can cause very serious injuries.  So, it is highly important that safety surfacing should be considered around or underneath the types of equipment in the playground. Its because safety surfacing materials absorb the impact to a large extent.

What are the materials we provide for safety surfacing services?

Bonded rubber mulch

It is made from recycled rubber and is generally a single-layer safety surfacing material. The material is Non-slippery. It does not need replenishment like gravel or sand. The bonded rubber mulch uses about 6 inches of material to serve the protective function and save the child from 10 feet of height.

Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber
Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-EPDM Rubber
Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber
Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Grass
Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Rubber Tiles
Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Synthetic Turf

Why choose Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing for any kind of safety surfacing services?

At Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing, you will get high-quality work done. We aim to provide excellent materials so that the children are safe and under complete care even if they are playing outside. As your safety surfacing provider, we hope to provide you with the correct knowledge.  No doubt, the surfacing industry is saturated with suppliers. But, some of the major reasons for you to choose us over others are: 

  • Variety of services-Our Company is enriched with talented professionals who are excellent in their work. We have specialized staff that is enriched with knowledge about the different kinds of services. A lot of diverse services in the field of playground safety surfacing are provided by us. Some of them include: 
    • Bonded rubber mulch
    • Synthetic turf
    • Bonded rubber
    • Rubber tiles
    • EPDM rubber
    • Synthetic grass
    • Poured in place rubber
  • Relations with other stakeholders– We maintain good relations with our stakeholders so that all kinds of supplies and delivery are made on time, and the quality of the products is not compromised.
  • Licensed– Our products exceed the demands of the many certifications such as ADA. We follow all the industry-specific guidelines and attain proper certifications for the same. We understand the safety of the child is a matter of topmost concern.
  • Competitive pricing– We work in a customer-centric approach. We try to provide the best quality material which is easily affordable. To ensure that your investment is worth it, we have combinations of good quality and minimum prices.

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