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Most of the time, kids get injured while playing in the school or local public playground. And they get injured by falling on abrasive, hard, or tough ground. It’s because the tough ground, instead of absorbing the impact, pushes the impact to the body, inflicting more damage. This is where safety surfacing kicks in. In safety surfacing, a protective material is a layer over the hard surface, which absorbs fall impact and prevents major injuries. Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing Company helps individuals and organizations in installing a range of safety surfacing materials across the country.

We’re a full-service safety surfacing company with an extensive team of safety surfacing experts. Also, we have successfully installed several thousand sq. feet of safety surfacing material across the country. So, you can trust us. Read along to know what services we offer.

Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing-Header

Services we provide

Safety Surfacing Services

The process of installing or laying a safety surfacing material such as EPDM rubber, bonded rubber, or Poured-In-Place rubber on hard ground to offer protection is known as safety surfacing. This process significantly reduces the risk of kids getting injured while playing. Here are some materials we can help you with.

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Why choose Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing for Safety Surfacing 

Some processes like safety surfacing require skills, experience, and the right exposure. Otherwise, you cannot expect the best results. It’s the reason companies come to us at Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing. Here is why you should choose us:

Safety surfacing materials are available in a range of verities. And every material has its own significance, uses, and properties. Fortunately, we have a lot of options for you to choose from. At Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing, we offer EPDM rubber, PIP rubber, bonded rubber, bonded rubber mulch, rubber tiles, synthetic grass, and synthetic turf. So, you need not find a different safety surfacing company if your needs change. Also, our safety surfacing experts will help you choose the right safety surfacing materials if you get confused. So, if you need assistance from our experts, reach out to us now.

Safety surfacing experts in our company have been in the safety surfacing industry for quite a long time. And ever since, we have handled several safety surfacing projects successfully. This makes us an ideal safety surfacing expert for your job. It's because this experience has helped us learn a lot of things.  We know which method works and which does not. Also, our professionals know which material is best for which type of flooring. So, dealing with an experienced safety surfacing expert can help you achieve the best results without fail.

Several contractors out there use cheap quality materials, which are not only ineffective but are harmful too. However, safety is something we never like to compromise with. It's the reason we always use effective, top-quality safety surfacing products which are meant to last longer.  All of our safety surfacing products are ADA approved, which means they're handicapped accessible. Also, our products are completely harmless to kids, pets, and the environment. It's the reason why we're one of the most reliable safety surfacing companies within the country.

It's a fact that the initial cost of safety surfacing can be high. However, if you consider the overall benefits, they'll always outweigh the money you invest initially. When you come to our company for safety surfacing, you'll get the services at affordable prices. It's because our company aims at reaching every playground, gym or similar places within the country and delivering the best services at affordable prices. So, if you need affordable safety surfacing services within the USA, make sure to reach out to us.

You can judge the quality of products or services by checking whether the provider offers a warranty or not. And if there's a decent warranty with the product, you should opt for it without thinking. And it's the reason we're one of the top safety surfacing companies in the country. We offer a warranty with every safety surfacing material that you buy from us. This warranty does the job of protecting you in case of any error or defect in the product. A warranty-based product is always easy to repair and replace. So, connect with us now for the best warranty-based services.

At Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing, we work with a talented and extensive team of safety surfacing experts. Our team is extensive enough to reach every state and every city within the country. This way we're able to serve customers from the entire country. So, wherever you're within the USA, you can ask for the best services from us.

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Daytona Beach Safety Surfacing is a full-service safety surfacing company offering services across the country. Our company has the best safety surfacing experts who have helped thousands of customers in installing the desired safety surfacing materials. We use safe, quality-focussed, and reliable safety surfacing materials which not only last for long but look beautiful and offer the necessary protection as well. Also, we offer a warranty with our services to protect our customers from manufacturing defects, if any. So, if you need a power-packed, reliable, affordable, and effective safety surfacing, contact our professionals now.